Tell Our Story: Stream Steward’s Muck Creek Findings!

The Nisqually Stream Steward is a free program of the Nisqually Indian Tribe and Nisqually River Council. People who join receive 40 hours of training on the people, plants and animals of the Nisqually Watershed, in exchange for 40+ hours of volunteer time over the next year. Stream Steward graduate Etsuko Reistroffer continues her working and documenting everything along the way. She volunteers regularly with the Nisqually Land Trust and many other organizations – thank you, Etsuko, for all you do for our watershed! 


Hi Nisqually Stream Stewards,

Northern Alligator Lizard

My husband and I went to check Muck Creek – if it has enough water still. He found a lizard . It did not move much, it was trying to warm up, on the railroad log.
The creek had enough clear water, we could see the green Algae. No fish, but we saw some bugs like mosquito were flying over the water surface. Oak trees with Lichen were standing quietly still, the area was greener and yellow flower of Tall Oregon grape stood up. Addition of Hardhack light green leave shooting, yellow flower of Old man in the spring, tiny white flowers of Spring draba, Tiny leave of Mouse-ear cress tried to hold the white flowers on the strait skinny stem.


Muck Creek


We saw sun light between the clouds, we left the location after seeing the white flowers of Indian Plum and the light pink flowers of wild Cherry trees, and hoped about next year we would see Salmons. Probably the Alligator lizard would move busily pretty soon. 


Thank you.
Etsuko Reistroffer
NSS 2016