What We Do

The NRC works to promote the social, ecological, and economic integrity of the Nisqually Watershed. Our work is guided by the Nisqually Watershed Stewardship Plan, which calls for a wide variety of projects, including land protection, community education, sustainable businesses and integrated communities.

Collaboration and strong partnerships are the key to our success. The NRC’s associated non-profit organizations and agency representatives work in tandem to pursue projects that improve the people, plants and animals of the Nisqually Watershed. The Nisqually Land Trust protects critical lands through acquisition or conservation easements. The Nisqually River Foundation (NRF) is the staffing and funding power behind the NRC. The NRF’s current projects link the people, water, land, and animals of the Nisqually Watershed, resulting in a community based effort.

Direct any questions to info@nisquallyriver.org or 360-438-8715