Who We Are

Nisquallycouncilcrop1 copyThe Nisqually River Council is a non-regulatory coordination, advocacy and education organization with a rich history. The NRC was established in 1987 as a forum to connect agencies, citizens, businesses and non-profit organizations and to encourage collaboration and strong partnerships. A Citizens Advisory Committee assures citizen representation during the decision making process. Originally established to form management actions for the Nisqually River corridor, the focus of the NRC has since been expanded to capture the entire Nisqually River basin.

The Council seeks to integrate the history, culture, environment, and economy of the watershed into a healthy and sustainable future. NRC actions are guided by the Nisqually Watershed Stewardship Plan, which outlines 11 indicators through which a sustainable watershed community and environment may be realized.

The Nisqually River Council consists of 24 active members. Two associated non-profits, the Nisqually Land Trust and the Nisqually River Foundation, work to further the goals of the NRC.