Featured Nisqually Stream Steward: Deon Hanft

This week’s blog post features 2015 Nisqually Stream Steward Deon Hanft. Deon has already completed the 40 hour Community Service commitment that we require of participants! Some of the activities he has been involved in include:

  • Working with the Nisqually Tribe’s weir to assist in salmon recovery efforts.
  • Assisting the Nisqually Land Trust with data needs, including Cybertracker which is a software tool designed to aid in the collection of information relating to the natural world. With Deon’s help, the Land Trust is exploring ways to use this software to better use citizen science and other data collected.
  • Planting trees in Ohop Valley to restore a valuable floodplain and improve habitat for salmon, birds, and wildlife.

Here’s what Deon has to say about all his hard work!

Did you know that you’re already over your 40hr volunteer commitment? wow! Was it hard or easy?

Richard Hanft

Deon working at the Tribe’s weir. Photo by Richard Hanft

For me it was easy, because I can work from home doing work that I had done for a living. Plus, it was very interesting to dig into Cybertracker and find out how it works and see if I can find a way to make it work better and to find some way to report the nature mapping data. I have much more to do before it is finished.

What was the best part of the NSS course for you?

Meeting likeminded people and seeing the devotion that you , Kim, and Morgan and your other Nisqually employees have for the effort.

What’s been the most rewarding about your volunteer time spent since you started NSS? What is the most interesting or inspiring thing that you’ve learned from participating in NSS?

Looking for salmon and touring the hatchery were the most interesting.   When the Cybertracker work is done, it will be the most rewarding.

Any advice for future NSS?

Keep up the good work!

Thank you, Deon, for all your hard work! Your efforts are key in making the Nisqually Watershed, and the world, a better place!  

If you’d like to pre-register for the 2016 Nisqually Stream Stewards course, contact us today!  (360)438-8715 or info@nisquallyriver.org.