Give back to the Nisqually Watershed for the holidays!

10 years after removal of levees at the Billy Frank Jr. Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, the Nisqually Delta is a functioning tidal estuary being studied for its geologic and biological benefits

2019 was a busy year in the Nisqually Watershed, celebrating milestones and looking ahead to critical needs for the future. This summer, we published a comprehensive report on the Nisqually Watershed Stewardship Plan, documenting the environmental, social, and economic health of our watershed. The report makes two things clear. First, thanks to the strength of our community, the Nisqually Watershed is uniquely positioned as a leader in collaborative conservation, with remarkable successes in environmental restoration, education, and inclusive planning that offer models for other regions. Second, as we face the challenges of growing population, a changing climate, and endangered species on the brink, we need your support more than ever to sustain and protect the Nisqually River for future generations.

Student and volunteer tree plantings restore natural ecosystems along the Nisqually River

Among this year’s successes you can help us build on in 2020:

Nisqually River Council members visited Anderson Island this summer

Salmon art from the 30th Annual Nisqually Watershed Festival

Our work goes on! Your generous donation helps us build a sustainable future for the Nisqually Watershed and its human and natural communities, from Mount Rainier National Park to Puget Sound. We generate over $150 in grant funding for every dollar that we raise in individual donations, so your generous contribution is leveraged 150:1. On behalf of all of us in the Nisqually River family, thank you for your work, donations, and enthusiasm that keep our watershed working year-round!

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