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In preparation for the 28th Annual Student GREEN Congress, we asked students to create posters addressing water quality and empowering people to make a positive change in their watershed. This year’s Congress has been cancelled in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, so to honor the students and their hard work we decided to give the posters a home here on the blog. We could all use a little creative inspiration in this time, so browse these amazing posters and get motivated to improve your local water quality.

Adelyn, Meadows Elementary

Antonio, Rainier Elementary





Anjolysa, Wa He Lut Indian School


Kaylyn, Cougar Mountain Middle School

Aaliyah, Wa He Lut Indian School

Jax, Meadows Elementary

Kosei, Meadows Elementary


Cougar Mountain Middle School

Wyatt, Cougar Mountain Middle School


Logan, Meadows Elementary

Lucy, Meadows Elementary

Buddy, Wa He Lut Indian School

Chase, Meadows Elementary


Danae, Meadows Elementary


Dao, Meadows Elementary


Ethan, Meadows Elementary

Jared, Wa He Lut Indian School

Aubree, Rainier Elementary

Callum, Rainier Elementary

Marcus, Rainier Elementary

Malone, Wa He Lut Indian School

Mariah, Wa He Lut Indian School

Anna, Cougar Mountain Middle School

Philip, Rainier Elementary

Riley, Rainier Elementary

Thomas, Rainier Elementary

Wilson, Rainier Elementary

Zia, Meadows Elementary

Sean, Meadows Elementary

Zac, Rainier Elementary

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